Dr. Truex integrates acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, homeopathy and homotoxicology to provide a holistic approach to veterinary care. Much of her practice is devoted to pain management techniques to treat performance injuries, chronic disease or age related

Your horse or pet is a member of your family, and deserves the highest quality of care available. Dr. Truex believes that medicine is both a science and an art. Not all animals respond to the same approach. Many conditions can benefit from a combination of Western and Holistic practices. Dr Truex treats each patient as a whole being, and helps them to live their lives to the fullest. She is also dedicated to educating owners on how they can help their four footed friends.

  • Thorough, gentle examinations and evaluations
  • Body work to maximize flexibility and balance
  • 500 years of tradition with Chinese herbs
  • Acupuncture for pain management
  • Supportive therapies for optimum performance
  • On-site treatment available at horse shows

Dr. Truex is now offering Low Level Laser Therapy


Licensed DVM in AZ, OK, TX, NM, CO and NV